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The “We Are All Bowery” project is an Inside Change From Within initiative supported in part by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. 

The Bowery has been hard hit by the pandemic, with folks trying to distance, while at the same time more being forced into homelessness, loss of jobs and threat of eviction, and businesses/galleries closing.

Then came the protests, with Bowery serving as a main artery for the protest processions; unfortunately, looting and destruction of property ensued, although the Bowery cheered the protestors on.

The goal of this initiative is to boost the morale of ALL Bowery members, whether they are our dear homeless, residents, businesses, galleries, museums or community and cultural organizations. In the process of boosting the morale we hope to bring all of our Bowery members together to create a sense of community that encompasses ALL folks on the Bowery.

These posters will be put up with a sense of community along the full length of the Bowery, from Cooper Union to Delancey Street.  The hope is that Bowery residents take up the cry; “We Are All Bowery” and make their own posters and put them up with a sense of community.

BoweryCarol (1)
BoweryMango1 (1)
BoweryMartinez (1)
BoweryMartinez1 (2)
BoweryMango (2)
BoweryCarmen4 (1)
BoweryCarmen5 (1)

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Posters : Graphics done by Tine Kindermann, Images done by Carmen Einfinger




Carol Prud’homme Davis:

Inside Change From Within Founder

Project Leader


Louis Thomas: Inside Change From Within Strategic Planning Director, Web page designer and Videographer


Tine Kindermann: Inside Change Adviser, Graphics and proofreader

RL cropped 3 - IMG_4297.jpg

Ralph Lewis, Co-Artistic Director, Peculiar Works Project; Inside Change


Tyrone Love.JPG

Tyrone Love: Inside Change Community Street Outreach


Carmen Ernfinger: Resident Bowery Artist

Bowery Street Artists

David pic with no mask.JPG

Dave Martinez

David art.jpg
MAngo picture.jpg


Mango art.jpg

We Are All Bowery is made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by LMCC. 

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