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Storytelling; On Site Puppet Productions that come to you!


New York City is the Performing Arts Capital of the World.  No child in any of the 5 boroughs should have an arts education withheld from them.  All of our Early Childhood students should have the opportunity to experience theatre, and learn what it is to be an audience member.  Meaning, learn that you applaud performers, not only because you loved and were moved by what you saw, but that you applaud the performers, for the work they put into the performance, instilling a sense of respect for work.

Early Childhood students can not always go on bus trips to theatrical performances during the school day, because of restrictions given from the Mayor’s office pertaining to height and weight of a child, in relationship to if the city feels the child can ride in a bus safely.

Inside Change brings the show to the school, community center, shelter, wherever the early childhood  learners are located. 

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