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Kele Nkhereanye

Executive Director or Lessaids

The Apple Initiative

The objective of the Apple Initiative is to remind community members that adding an apple to their meals has health benefits because it adds fiber, favor, and everyone can enjoy a good, delicious apple for snack. 

First, New York State has varieties of apples, therefore clients will learn about different of types of apples that grow local in order to understand the food system, types of apple for baking pies, salads, and other types for eating.

Second, the Apple Initiative is to encourage people to understand adding an apple can reduce sugar intake.  For example, add an apple to oatmeal, salad, make apple sauce or baked dessert.

Third, the Apple Initiative is to support lifestyle nutrition change which will help fight diet related diseases which affect people locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.  Therefore, making one change can lead to an impact on people to start to look for delicious apples and learn differences between an apple they buy from the grocery store on their block compared to an apple from the farmer’s market where they can learn about more produce.  Also, going to the farmer’s market will help people to leave their homes, walk, and enjoy open spaces. 

Lastly, the Apple Initiative will introduce our communities to a plant-based diet to fight diseases, help farmers to continue growing local food, and hopefully more people will join community gardens in their neighborhoods.  We are hopeful that people will be more interested in fresh, local, seasonal, and healthy food as an option to improve lifestyle changes. Empowering people to grow and cook food at home is an opportunity for more family interactions and education of our food system.  We need to build our communities and use food as a source of power to bring people to action.

Marisol DeLeon: Executive Director of Inner Course MD provides adult caregivers with the empowering tools to initiate extraordinary conversations about health, sex and sexuality with young people and children in their care. Through powerful and engaging discussions, adults will tap into their own biases and barriers that make sexual health conversations challenging for themselves and with the youth in their care. In addition, the dynamic and enthusiastic trainer offers training for adults interested in facilitation or running their own training on birth control and safer sex options, HIV/STI's, sexuality and gender and language and inclusion. 


Will initiate sexual health conversations with young people, children over ten years of age and parents with children under five. Initiate sexual health conversations with adults around sexuality and gender.

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