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carmen einfinger


Carmen Einfinger’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world, including: China, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, Turkey, Poland, Tahiti and US. Her work is in numerous private collections, including the Rockefeller and Faberge family collections.


Her work takes its inspiration directly from her eclectic origins and upbringing. Born in England to Dutch and Croatian parents, she grew up in Brazil before settling in NY where she now lives and works since 1991. In 1984, she received a B.F.A. in Painting at State University of NY Buffalo, and in 1990 was awarded an Andrew Mellon Fellowship at Brown University where she received a Brazilian Studies. She was awarded artist residencies by, Le Meridien Hotel in Tahiti, Beijing, China; Gedok Schleswig-Holstein in Lubeck, Germany; and at the Blue Mountain Center, NY.


Carmen won first prize in the International Competition of the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk, Poland.

In that same year, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY featured her as an artist in the museum’s "Bowery Artists Tribute.”


Einfinger continuous successfully executing her Public Art Installations abroad. Her latest Installation “Palm Trees” was installed in Osnabruck, Germany.


Carmen Einfinter received her first public art commission from the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan to create a work for their “Eco-container Art Project.” It became a popular backdrop for tourist photos – and it was subsequently re-staged in a slightly different incarnation in Genoa, Italy, the following year. 


In addition, Einfinger, has created interventions that utilized a series of modular, circular paintings that measure 30 to 20 inches in diameter, acrylic paint to bring people together in a shared public space to inspire them to view art in a new fresh way. It is a viewer-friendly guerilla art moment featuring works that can be viewed, ignored, even walked upon. These interventions take place in New York City, Buffalo, Sao Paulo and Taiwan at Oral History and Creative Aging Festival put out by the Taiwan National Museum and at the Beer Bottle Cap Factory.


In 2016 she executed on the iconic Spiral Jetty at the Great Salt in Utah a Public Art Intervention titled “Color Homage to Robert Smithson.” 


She was inspired by her longstanding respect for Smithson's pioneering work in Land Art, or Earthworks. The work was created to acknowledge his enormous contribution which influences today’s Public Art worldwide.


Carmen Einfinger’s work has received acclaim from renowned critics such as Valerio Deho and Sara Ugoline, and was a featured artist in the Bilingual Art Magazine Cool and publications online including Dirt Asla, Art Knowledge News, Art Daily, Art Reviews Design, Taxi and Absolute Arts.

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