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 Ms. Mays graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School in the Bronx, in 1978.  Then move on to the Brough of Manhattan Community College in the Fall of 1982 and graduated in 1990 with an Associate degree in the Liberal Art and Sciences. In the fall of 1991 she Started attending City University of New York and began her Bachelor degree in Social Work with a minor in Early Childhood Education. In between all of this she gave birth to two Children who are now in college and employed. And recently return to college in 2013 at TCI College of Technology and obtained another Associate degree in Allied Health and Sciences.


 Colette Mays employment experiences include working with children        as well as with youths during afterschool and in Counseling along with an internship at Bellevue Hospital Department for Chemical Dependency helping to facilitate groups, along with individual Counseling. Her other employment experiences include Home Attending, Retail, Office Assistant and currently at Bellevue Hospital Center working for Winston’s Temp Service. 

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