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Tine Kindermann: Visual artist and musician her work emphasizing empathy with the human condition


Creating clothes, jewelry and other meaningful personal items, from sources that are easily available to us, can have the power to make us feel beautiful and lift our spirit, especially when they are uniquely ours.

Workshop 1:

One-of-a-kind T-Shirts

In this workshop we will create custom-fitted tops by deconstructing and reconstructing recycled t-shirts. These shirts can easily be sewn by hand and are based on a universally flattering sewing pattern. In addition, the tops can be adorned using various stitching, beading and appliquing techniques.

Workshop 2:


One-of-a-kind Jewelry


In this workshop we will design and create jewelry from found objects: pendants, necklaces, earrings, and amulets that are unique and personally empowering.


Workshop 3:


Personal shrine


In this workshop we will make small size portable and foldable shrines to remind us of what is important to us: loved ones, goals, motivations, memories. Using found images, paint, glitter, and words, we will decorate pre-made triptychs. Small enough to fit into a bag, they can transform any space into a personal space.

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