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Marisol De Leon

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 Marisol De Leon is a SexTalk Educator and founder of InnerCourseMD in New York. She supports families and communities in developing awareness and creating extraordinary conversations around sexual health.

Over the past 15 years she has touched the lives of NYC youth seeking sexual health guidance and information by facilitating sexual identity trainings for schools and non-profit organizations .

As Executive Director of Inner Course MD she provides adult caregivers with the empowering tools to initiate extraordinary conversations about health, sex and sexuality with young people and children in their care. Through powerful and engaging discussions, adults will tap into their own biases and barriers that make sexual health conversations challenging for themselves and with the youth in their care. In addition, the dynamic and enthusiastic trainer offers training for adults interested in

facilitation or running their own training on birth control and safer sex options, HIV/STI's, sexuality and gender and language and inclusion. 

Will initiate sexual health conversations with young people, children over ten years of age and parents with children under five. Initiate sexual health conversations with adults around sexuality and gender.

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