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Executive Director

 Carol Prud’homme Davis, Texan born. In 6th grade found herself a “Catholic and of Latino/Cajun heritage” in the middle of forced busing in East Texas (Heart of the Bible Belt).  This experience came to be the cornerstone of her moral compass and life choices.  In high school she discovered that Modern Dance Choreographers could protest without words and therefore could not be silence.

Ms. Prud’homme went to NYC to dance professionally, immediately after finishing her last term at TCU.  She danced, had her own professional dance company and then Production company; “us” Productions, which was comprised of members 6 yrs. to 70 yrs. of age.  The focus was to produce their work, which led her to creating a school to teach her performers the techniques they needed in order to realize their work. 

Carol received a Masters in “Administration and Supervision of the Visual Arts” from Bank Street College and Parsons School of Design.  She was recruited by George Soros’ “The Afterschool Corp” to create/implement and supervise one of the first arts education afterschool programs in NYC. She continued this work with: Queens Guidance, Project Reach Youth, and Cypress Hills Local Dev. Corp.  Ms. Davis was the Arts and Cultural Director with Hetrick Martin where she managed an AIDS Institute grant and OCFS program with Hetrick’s LGBTQ and Ally members.

Ms. Prud’homme served as the Parent President of the University Settlement HeadStart and was the Headstart Lower Eastside Parent Representative on the Citywide Parent Policy Council. She was also awarded the Citywide Americorp Staff Award and was the founder of the YELL Coalition which supported youth after aging out of social service support.

The Sandra Cameron Ballroom Studio and Peridance designated Ms. Davis as their resident visual artist.  Her work was exhibited in the first American Contemporary Dance Museum show.  Carol has drawn live over 60 professional choreographers and dance companies. She has done extensive work with The Inifinity Dance Theatre (abled and disabled dance theatre), Jose Limon and  the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble.  Ms. Davis has illustrated the upcoming book on Jazz dance legend, Lynn Simonson.  The East Texas Fair has exhibited her work, to honor her mother Mary Prud’homme, past East Texas Fair Director.

Mostly recently Ms. Prud’homme served as Managing Director for Shadow Box Theatre.  In this post she with collaborators created and implemented/supervised programming for DOE, physically disabled, autism, ESL leaners both children and adults, Transitional High Schools, Children in the Detention system and Children of parents in incarcerated.

Her vision for Inside Change is continue working with collaborators working as a “Think Tank” to create: Life Skills, Health/ Wellness and Arts programming for all at risk populations, always evaluating and improving the quality of life.   

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Director of Programs

Tony Simon a formally incarcerated individual who has served 32 years in the NYS prison system. He has an AA Degree in Liberal Arts from Ulster Community College and a bachelor’s degree in human service/ Political Science from New Paul's Community College. Mr. Simon is a Life Coach Instructor dealing with a Positive Mental Attitude and the 5-R's of Resurrection. He has turned many young individual’s life around removing them from the revolving doors of recidivism, helping them too become an asset within their perspective communities as opposed to a liability. Tony Simon has many certifications and achievements, accomplished during his incarceration such as: Adult Peer Counseling, Behavior Modification, Substance Abuse, AIDS, Computer Lab teaching, Alternatives to Violence, IPA, Community Leadership, Depression/Suicide Prevention, Social History, Facilitating and Refining the curriculum for the Incarcerated Fathers Group, and Mediation to name a few. Upon his release from prison, he has worked with the nonprofit RAPP as the Outreach coordinator and is now working with the newly found nonprofit organizations Inside Change as the Marketing/Program Director


Director of  Strategic Planning

Louis Thomas (founder of Income3000) is a well rounded grant writer and small business developer who specializes in Web Development, Process Improvement, and Business Management. With more than 15 years of project management experience he is well versed in the best practices needed to build  and sustain non-profits, and community based organizations, in this ever changing time of funding uncertainty. A natural activist he has worked with a wide array of social justice and political action groups and believes in the mantra "Empowerment through Awareness" whether its financial, political, sexual or academic.

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