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The 5R's is a socio-cultural and educational program geared toward self empowerment, leadership development,  spiritual enhancement, individual and social analysis concerning solutions to the current economic and political problems affecting the young, youth in Detention Centers, shelter, prisons, formerly incarcerated populations in particular.


It features class lectures, group dynamics, group discussions cultural activities and a wide variety of projects relevant to the specific needs of this population. It seeks to develop effective role models to bring new vision of possibilities into reality and preparing them for constructive future roles in the community.


The 5R's is a unique group, which brings together a small organ of bright, brilliant and positive minded men from various, social, political, religious, economic and ideological persuasions, United in recognition of the need to address their situation, thereby solving their own problems. What does 5R'S mean; it is a realization that as individuals men and members of the community have been living a life style contrary to our own personal health and stability and behaviors have carried over into our own communities. It recognizes that through the concept of the 5R's of Resurrections, recognition, reconstruction, responsibility, reconciliation and redemption means to be reborn in the spirit, mind, and soul of the new men. Means one is aware of one's own existence, sensation, thoughts and environment; this is the essence of Resurrections.


The role of 5R's is a work and goal orientation group, through hard work discipline and sacrifice we seek to reach the ultimate goal of self empowerment through the attainment of knowledge and it Practical applications.   Create leadership and role model development group, the process of education and training to identify nurture and develop effective leadership and role models among their prospective community.  Develop a problem solving and program development group, through the development and implementation of community specific programs. We seek to solve our own problems, thereby offering alternative new approaches, opportunities and viable solutions  to the specific needs of the community.

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